Ghost — Big Updates ( 07/17/20)

First, want to say thank you each member in the Ghost community. Your support allows us to continue building great things for the future. We are here for the long term and everything is lining up perfectly for us to continue to grow into a top privacy coin that is decentralized and community driven.

Flare Mobile Wallet is now live for iOS / Android! Send, receive, and stake Ghost to earn passive income from your mobile device is now available!

Awesome new promo video coming out in the next couple days showing how you can buy coffee with Ghost at vending machines.

Very close to a deal with one of the top crypto payment providers that is going to to add Ghost as an accepted payment method for eCommerce stores (Shopify, WooCommerce + many others), buy Giftcards, and allow anyone to create payment buttons on any web site to accept Ghost.

Major hardware wallet will likely adopt Ghost. Already had 2 calls, looking very promising, in tech discovery phase now.

GhostX is close to having atomic swaps ready for mainnet GHOST/BTC/ETH/etc conversions. Completely decentralized trading, no KYC, no personal info, all private. This is fairly complex process from dev standpoint so give a bit more time on that one, will keep you updated. This is the trading solution that will thrive for the Ghost ecosystem based around privacy.

Our biz team will be contacting several 100k+ sub YouTube channels this week to inquire about interviews with John regarding Ghost to generate interest in other communities.

Reached out to multiple top staking reward platforms to incorporate Ghost into their packaged staking assets which receives tons of traffic from people looking to earn passive income. Heard back from a few already, in talks now. More eyes on Ghost.

🖥 New website designs are looking really solid, professional, very appealing to people just learning about Ghost. Improved staking calculator, user guides, FAQ, and much more information. I will share screenshots of it next week with you guys.

API development underway that will establish the foundation for the marketplace, chat apps, and many other dapps.

Saved the best for last… Ghost debit cards are coming. Will have an update on how to pre-order yours very soon, just going through final paperwork now.

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Ghost is a Decentralized Proof-of-Stake Privacy Coin engineered to make you nothing but a “ghost” while transacting online.