Ghost Recap — How far we’ve come

We wanted to put together a timeline in order to showcase the last 45 days. This timeline brings to light the full progression of Ghost and what we’ve been able to achieve thus far. As we continue down this path together, we will follow the vision for Ghost, that vision is about building a truly private and decentralized network with real world use cases and adoption.

As the ongoing process from ERC-20 Ghost to mainnet swap continues we are very focused on securing exchange listings, wallets, and other partnership opportunities for Ghost mainnet. Have patience and be rest assured there are internal discussions happening right now.

Stay united with us as we execute on all of our promises made in the whitepaper and carve our path out in the privacy coin space.

Ghost Timeline

May 25 — Ghost airdrop to ESH holders.

May 26 — Exchanges like, hoo, stex and more complete the airdrop and start trading GHOST.

June 4 — IDEX Starts trading Ghost.

June 7 — Telaghost announcement.

June 7 — Ghost E-Sim announcement

June 7 — Ghost becomes the #1 gainer on CoinMarketCap.

June 7 — Ghost becomes the biggest volume on IDEX and Uniswap.

June 10 — GhostX announcement.

June 10 — Whitepaper release.

June 15 — Added fiat gateway for Ghost on

June 19 — AMA with John McAfee.

June 19 — Ghost enters the top 30 trending searches in CoinGecko.

June 20 — Ghostx Launch.

June 21 — Ghost development open sourced.

June 22 — Ghost merchandise released on

June 22 — Ghost Mainnet goes live.

June 24 — Alliance with ZPAE announced.

June 25 — Ghost wallet released.

June 26 — Over 5 million Ghost were swapped to the Mainnet.

June 27 — AMA with Ghost devs.

June 28 — John Mcafee NASDAQ interview announced.

June 28 — Partnership with Ivendpay.

June 29 — announcement.

June 30 — Ghost obtains the #9 spot in popularity by coingecko, with a 94% positive public opinion.

July 3 — Stex, Hitbtc and support the Mainnet swap.

July 3 — Wallet update 2.0.7 with cold staking features.

July 4 — Changelly supports the Ghost Mainnet.

July 5 — Over 7 million Ghost were swapped to the Mainnet.

July 6 — Ghost beats DMG and COMP and won popular vote 66.7% to be listed on Vision App

July 6 — More countries added to the Ghost E-sim approved list.

July 7 — Vision supports ERC-20 Ghost swaps and tracking.

July 7 — Cold staking pools guide released.

We will be covering the ongoing developments happening behind the scenes for several amazing products and services we’ve been working on and plan to release in the future on another Medium post.

Join our Telegram group chat here,

…and make sure you’re following our Twitter @ghostbymcafee for the latest announcements (one coming tomorrow)

Ghost is a Decentralized Proof-of-Stake Privacy Coin engineered to make you nothing but a “ghost” while transacting online.

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Ghost is a Decentralized Proof-of-Stake Privacy Coin engineered to make you nothing but a “ghost” while transacting online.

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