GHOST Devs AMA Recap — 07/13

First round —

Q1) What do you think about privacy coins in general? I mean all those other coins like monero, zcash, pivx and so on have failed to be mass adopted. How do you think will Ghost be recognizer?

Privacy coins are the way of the future for the entire cryptocurrency space. Ghost will provide an entire ecosystem of products that drives adoption and use cases for the real world.

Q2) On the issue of scalability I was wondering what the network transaction per second numbers were for GHOST? As Mr. McAfee has stated countless times one of the biggest issues of bitcoin was that it was too slow to be scaled up to the general public. As we stand to see GHOST increase in users how will the transactions per second keep up with a growing network?

Tx/s atm is 5 times in ratio to bitcoin’s tx/s. We can increase block sizes later on and/or work on more tx/s in the future if necessary.

Q3) Existing privacy coins don’t have an ecosystem in the hands of the public through handy gadgets as they are better accessible and used through computers alone. Can Ghost build an ecosystem (marketplace/wallet) that can be accessible both on a PC and Mobile Device with nearly the same features?

We have big plans in the future, that we will start announcing soon. Building a desktop wallet was a great first step for Ghost. However, creating highly accessible products for Desktop and Mobile is very high priority for our development goals.

Q4) Hi guys, I am new to this project and just want to ask how safe is it to use the staking pools?

Cold staking pools are the safest to use, make sure you are following the guide we created on how to guide a staking pool.

The pool owner doesn’t have access to your coins you delegate. Hot staking pools however are the riskiest to stake on as the service provider has access to your coins.

Q5) What’s the minimum to stake Ghost?

There is not a minimum required to stake. However, if you have less than 1000 Ghost it’s recommended to join a staking pool because it will take a while for you to get a staking reward by yourself.

Second round —

Q6) Button for instant sharing / swap Ghost directly from desktops wallet? This is a great idea if I am missing for staking. Also, few are familiar with exchanges and exchanges. Anyone could download a ghost wallet and recharge it with a credit card

Send me a DM and we can discuss this more! Sounds like a great idea, let’s talk through it and see if there is potential to add this to our roadmap.

Q7) Bugs are a reality of any software. In the case of potentially high impact/security issues — is there a special process to raise those to the development team? Is there a bug-bounty program planned for security bugs?

This is a great question. We take high impact security issues very seriously. The idea behind Ghost is to focus heavily on these bounties and community development. We will have more information about this in the coming weeks but just know that yes, bug-bounties are going to be a big part of Ghost development.

Q8) Any plan on some type of WordPress plugin or integration with e-commerce?

Yes — that’s all I can say right now ;)

Q9) what can we do to speed up ledger support?

We are currently in discussions with a popular hardware that will support Ghost. We will continue looking for more partners and integrations in the future, one being Ledger.

Q10) Will there eventually be a marketplace for vendors to build shops on and accept ghost and other crypto for payments?

Yes, more info will be coming out in the coming weeks about this and development is already underway. Developers will be able to very easily access the Ghost blockchain through a well-documented API (including the marketplace) in the future to create very unique solutions.

Q11) Does Josh have a body double yet?

Yes, a robot Josh 1.0.0, is running on the Ghost blockchain and deployed into society.

Q12) If I stake some Ghost will my assets be frozen like in other stake program on cryptocom, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days?

No, there is no time period that you have to lock in your coins to stake.

Third round —

Q13) What are the advantages of the GHOST confidentiality protocol over zk-SNARK and Mimblewimble?

ZK-Snarks require a trusted setup. Whereas Ring CT does not.

Q14) These days lots of coins are allowing staking within other wallets like Trust, would you provide such feature in near future?

Yes, Flare (desktop & mobile) wallet will support staking within the wallet. This will be released this week.

Q15) I’m a developer, do you have plans to launch a dev bounty for GHOST? I’m interested in contributing to GHOST and earning at the same time.

Yes, our bounty portal is currently under development. I will be providing updates on this. All of the proposals along with the bounties attached to them will be able to be voted on by the community. DM me we can discuss this more.

Q16) How close are you to getting mainnet coin on GhostX exchange?

Ghost mainnet support is being tested at the moment, when all steps of atomic swap are concluded, we will be launching it.

Q17) As I know, DeFi is the important topic in the blockchain space right now and near future, so can $GHOST share your opinions on DeFi?

DeFi has so much potential to disrupt existing models. We’re exploring ideas to expand Ghost level privacy into this space.

Q18) How will lliquidity be provided to the GhostX Exchange when $Ghost Mainnet is added?

Liquidity on GhostX is added by placing orders, GhostX exchange has a web wallet, where you can transfer your balance and then use it to create orders against the available pairs. For instance, you can create a limit order against ETH at current market price and you are already contributing to liquidity.

Q19) What is Address aliases and how does it help hide addresses in the GHOST chain?

Address aliases are just pointers to your stealth address. With aliases you can have the same privacy but with a single “address”, such as your username, without revealing any information, such as your balance and past transactions.

This is still under development

Thanks for joining us on this AMA!

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Ghost is a Decentralized Proof-of-Stake Privacy Coin engineered to make you nothing but a “ghost” while transacting online.

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Ghost is a Decentralized Proof-of-Stake Privacy Coin engineered to make you nothing but a “ghost” while transacting online.

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