GHOST Devs AMA Recap — 06/20

Round 1 —

Q1) Are the connections to other nodes on ghostscan the number of active wallets?

Ghostscan runs a daemon using bitcore, the daemon shows the status of the number of nodes connected using getnetworkinfo

Q2) What’s the percentage of staking ghost? Will ghost be only staked in #Ghost Wallet or will it be available in exchange?

If you mean its reward, it’s not set to a specific percentage but to a fixed amount instead (4 GHOST to be split per block).

It’s likely other exchanges will also support staking (we will actively encourage them to do so). However, please note that ultimately it is up to them to decide. And in any case, also whether they then pass on these rewards to you. As usual, please remember “Not your Key, Not your Coins”

Q3) If i stake some ghost will my assets be frozen? Or can i use it anytime?

Staking does not lock your coins for a specific period. You may use them anytime (however you will then stop staking)

Q4) How many GHOST will be generated every month?

Ghost chain generates 12 coins per block that happens approximately every 2 minutes (6 veterans, 4 staking, 2 dev rewards).

Q5) When can we buy the new Ghost coin on mcafeedex/switchdex?

Mainnet Ghost coin support will be added soon on GhostX. Then you will be able to use GhostX to swap Ghost (mainnet) for BTC, ETH, DAI and ESH.

Q6) Are the peers hardcoded, or is there a list somewhere so I can add through debug console?

Peers aren’t hardcoded, the DNS seeder crawls the Ghost network for reliable peers and broadcasts the initial nodes to connect to on initial start.

Q7) Is there any chance a statistics page can be created so we can view how many stakers there are and how much ghost is being staked at any such time?

This is a great addition and something we will consider adding to the website in the future. Currently each block generates 4 new GHOST as staking rewards. By selecting each block you can view more stats about each reward. A more detailed overview would be great though, great suggestion!

Round 2 —

Q8) Why do some people have to wait for 255 block confirmations before we start staking again after we receive the reward while others don’t ?

The Confirmations required is 225 for inputs to be eligible for staking. Other users coins may have matured overnight,as they dont need to keep wallet open for confirmations on the inputs to increase.

Q9) Is there planning yet in the near future for hardware wallet support?

We have reached out to several Hardware wallet so that there are more options available to store your GHOST safely. As of right now, the only confirmed wallet that is shortly going to be supporting GHOST coin is Bitfi.

Q10) New to PoS is the 4 GHOST split amongst all stakers or just those that solve the block (better computer mean more rewards) ?

No, it’s just for whoever stakes the block, no splitting happens there. Just like a mining reward. The GVR (Ghost Veteran Rewards) are split however.

Q11) GVR do i need to stake in wallet?

No. GVR is a form of “cold-reward”. You just have to keep your GHOST, unspent, in a public address, for 30 days starting from integer multiples of 21600 block heights (which is 1 month in block time). If the latter seems confusing, it just means that every month, we start counting again, and all rewards are paid at once.

Q12) How many nodes are running right now and how big will the blockchain be in a year from now (in GB)?

The size of blockchain depends on a number of factors such as number of txes,data on txes etc. Around 100 nodes are currently running as hot staking if you look at the peerinfo in

Q13) Can you give some more insight in the staking mechanism in the wallet, like staking weight, stake percentages and why staking weight goes up and down without receiving any stakes?

Staking weight increases and decreases based on eligible utxos in the wallet which have >= 225 confirmations. Stake percentage is the amount of coins that are stakeable in your wallet in ratio to the estimated total network wide stake weight.

Q14) Will cold wallet staking rewards be of the same as hot staking when live?

Cold staking reward depends on the method of how you cold stake,if you delegate to a cold staking pool the cold staking pool will take a fee to be able to provide the service,if you do self hosted cold staking like on a raspberry pi or vps then you dont have the drawback of the fee unlike when delegating to a cold staking pool.

Q15? I received an orphaned stake. What is that?

Staking is a competition. Just like mining. It can happen with some probability that two stakers create blocks at the same time. The question is: Whose new block is the network gonna adopt? The answer is: It depends on many factors, but to sum it up, it depends on how much more and how faster other stakers build on top of the two competing blocks, as everyone will build on the block he has. This is called a temporary fork. It happens in mining too, and eventually one miner/staker loses. Once you lose that stake, you can continue staking normally as if that didn’t happen.

Q16? How will the p2p market be implemented if the code is partially in Particl’s private depositories?

As mentioned in the Whitepaper, Particl was utilized as a foundation for Ghost. This does not mean our development is limited in any way.

Q17) How much GHOST (ERC-20) has been converted to Main-net?

5350193 at the time of writing. You can check this on the contracts.

Q18) My Wallet is already unlocked for Staking only. But it still shows Staking inactive. And the Staking section displays NOT STAKING. What is responsible for this?

Its due to the input not being mature yet, may take a while, but as long as your wallet is unlocked for staking it will stake as soon as inputs are eligible for staking or you may have staked recently, that causes the stake input to be immature for staking until that stake also gets 225 confs, the current walet is kind of confusing for users but this will be remedied on next update.

Thank you for all the questions! If you have any other questions/bug/suggestions the best place is on Reddit. A FAQ is being build to address all the most asked questions.

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