Ghost Development Update (May 2022)

3 min readMay 25, 2022

After Q1’s massive round of updates, we have been staying focused on developing more of our deliverables that will expand the Ghost ecosystem. For Q1 we took a step back to ask what are the most critical areas that need attention and or which deliverables make the most sense to implement into the blockchain at this time. Below are a few additions to the blockchain that are currently being developed and perfected.

· Automating Ghost Veteran Rewards (AGVR)

· Anonymous Ghost Chat (AES-256)

· Ghost Tip Bot

Development has been made towards further decentralizing the Ghost Veteran Rewards system. At current glances, GVR is processed through a manual monthly basis, which the blockchain automates on the backend. To automate this fully, we are developing a special protocol which eliminates all manual processes and makes for a more efficient (and decentralized) tool.

Before work could be underway, like anything in software development, we spent a required amount of time reviewing our codebase to determine how best to build this protocol. Thanks to the massive round of updates pushed out in Q1, our developers don’t have to “clean up” any remaining code for any new additions. Upon finalization of our review, and confirmation from our cryptographers, the green light was given to begin development.

Furthermore, with GVR, block rewards are based on stake weight as stated in our whitepaper. To automate this, we have already begun building a rough draft script in which the script will scan all addresses containing the required threshold (in the current model this is already done) plus a few other covenants required to be placed into the script. More details on this will be shared later.

It should be noted that an additional advantage to decentralizing the current GVR model is Veterans being able to receive their GVR rewards on a “per block” basis. Thus, eliminating a monthly lump sum that then gets distributed out according to stake weight. Because this development is being worked on at the consensus level, it will have a profound impact in bringing together the ecosystem as a whole.

Ghost Chat

Continuing on, development for Ghost’s own peer-to-peer encrypted chat is being…


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