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For a while now Ghost has had two block explorers that users can use to look up transactions and blockchain data. Adding to the family of explorers, we are happy to welcome our third and likely last explorer. The new block explorer, features all of the same support as the other two, but with an added ‘rich list” feature. Users can also look up specific network nodes which they can then add to better connect themselves to the chain.

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Help Ghost complete it’s mission one step at a time. Contribute your talents to the Ghost community and be rewarded for your commitment.

Quick cash

⦿ Create a visual Ghost Staking Pool Creation Guide. Either by video or screenshot/images/text format from start to finish, in its entirety step by step. BOUNTY = 500 $GHOST

⦿ Create a promotional Ghost video for YouTube, Bitchute, etc. An example could include a basic introduction to our platform, discussing Ghost’s privacy features, staking/veteran reward system etc. BOUNTY = 200–600 $GHOST (depending on use/audience). Multiple bounties available.

⦿ Create a desktop wallet creation and recovery…

Make sure you have updated your wallets to the latest Core If you have any difficulties or questions on how to update, please post your questions in Ghost Help chat here.

Our moderators and experts from the community will certainly help you get back on-track very soon.

August 16th Fork

Thank you all for your patience during this time. The Ghost team has worked long sleepless hours sorting out post fork issues unable to be foreseen. Dandelion++ has posed more than one challenge to get it running smoothly. There were many unscrupulous attempts to force anonymous transactions through the…

Over the past six months+ the Ghost team has been hard at work to progress the project forward and meet road map deliverables. In the following text we’ll analyze the team’s progress and the difficulties the team faced.

In January the GitHub and a good portion of community funds, were still under the management of the previous lead developer Reborn. Be that as it may, @GhostVeterans, @test_net_online, and @Tizymandias were elected to the lead this project and spared no time in doing so. The team presented to the community an updated road map for 2021 which outlined key deliverables mentioned…

Ghost has officially created an account on Seventy percent of all proceeds will go to the Ghost Development Fund to assist with current growth. The other thirty percent, will go to the artists designing these NFTs. The current listings will last for 30 days and prices will periodically decline until they meet the minimum threshold. If you would like to create your own NFT renderings as a contribution to the Ghost community, please contact @RealSecretRecipe in Telegram for approval, and share in the rewards.

If you’re new to the space of NFTs, don’t worry, they’re not that complicated to…

Do your part for the environment and shift to cleantech blockchain solutions like Ghost, based on Proof of Stake, instead of Monero or Bitcoin which are based on Proof of Work.

Proof of Work systems like Bitcoin or Monero, mint new coins by running senseless algorithms that only consume power to prove that some work was done, but these algorithms don’t provide any additional value to the network besides wasting a lot of electricity.

Proof of Stake blockchains like Ghost mint new coins by staking, a method of locking up one’s coins to secure the network. Staking not only supports…

May is set to become the largest payout of Ghost Veteran Rewards (GVR). At 00:00 UTC June 1st, we will take a snapshot of all eligible Veterans on the blockchain. Each Veteran splits their respective share of the 154,000 $GHOST on a per node basis.

To become eligible for GVR, you need to have a minimum of 20,000 $GHOST in your wallet. Each 20K gives you an additional “Vet.” For example, 40,000 $GHOST equals 2 Vets. Next, you need to make a public to public transaction of your entire balance. Once you have done so, you need to make sure…

Hebe Wallet has listed $GHOST on its mobile blockchain wallet. The app is available on Android/iOS devices. Staking for $GHOST will be supported, but will be implemented at a later date. To learn more about Hebe Wallet, you can visit their website here.

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At current press time, Ghost is now live on StakeCube. Users can use their service to store their coins, and buy/sell through StakeCube’s exchange.

Staking on StakeCube for Ghost will be live later on.

To learn more about StakeCube, follow this link.

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Ghost is a Decentralized Proof-of-Stake Privacy Coin engineered to make you nothing but a “ghost” while transacting online.

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